Foldable Shoes by Tipsy Feet

The Original after party shoe

Whether you've spent a night partying or have traipsed around airport or train terminals one thing is for sure if you've been wearing high heels for any length time then your feet will be aching. Tipsy Feet fold up shoes are the answer. A pair of foldable shoes that tuck away into a neat little pouch that you can pop into your handbag or keep in the glove box of your car.

Tipsy Feet introduced the unique colour matched pouch back in 2007. This neat little purse carries your foldable pumps when not in use and then unfolds to become a useful shoulder bag, just what's needed for carrying those designer heels home.

Tipsy Feet's aim is to enhance their range of foldable shoes with new designs whilst continuing to improve the look and comfort of their existing shoes.

Welcome to the new Tipsy Feet website where you will find our unique collection of foldable shoes, all sympathetically designed to "Save Your Soles" and to look good on your feet.


Featured Products

Pearl Foldable Shoes

Pearl Foldable Shoes£25.99

Bronze Foldable Shoes

Bronze Foldable Shoes£25.99

Gold Foldable Shoes

Gold Foldable Shoes£25.99

Brown Foldable Shoes

Brown Foldable Shoes£25.99

Pink Foldable Shoes

Pink Foldable Shoes£25.99

Black Foldable Shoes

Black Foldable Shoes£25.99

Nude Foldable Shoes

Nude Foldable Shoes£25.99

Purple Foldable Shoes

Purple Foldable Shoes£25.99